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More than 2.5 million American service men and women served honorably and with distinction to keep the people of Vietnam free.  Over 58,000 made the ultimate sacrifice.  The histories on this page chronicle their actions with a display of the unit patch, and a history of their tour in Vietnam, Medal of Honor winners, Commanders, and their Major Operations/Battles. 


“Vietnam was an all-American effort,  and  one that, some of us contend, will one          day takes its place in the annals of national nobility: a witness to America’s  Disposition to endure special sacrifices in discharge of its heavy international responsibility; to contain the movement that brought death, oppression and poverty to so many millions for so many years.”


            Wm F. Buckley




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The set includes all 12 items each containing a shoulder sleeve insignia Framed in a beautiful 8x10 dark-walnut frame.  Units represented include:

MACV                                  1st Infantry Division

4th Infantry Division             9th Infantry Division

101st Airborne Division        1st Cavalry Division

Americal Division                 25th Infantry Division

1st Marine Division               3rd Marine Division

173rd Airborne Brigade        82nd Airborne Division


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Set of 12 Unit Patches and Histories, Framed

Price: $350.00

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Each item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased in a beautiful walnut frame.  The dark walnut frame is 8 x 10

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