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The perfect gift for your serviceman is a Unit History, from any conflict, World War II to the present with the serviceman’s Rank, Name and subordinate unit.  We will draft a history based on the units action during that conflict, draft a map of their Area of Operations, and include other relevant historic data.  Price $100.00 and Free Shipping.

Please e-mail or call us to inquire about personalized tributes  that honor the sacrifice that they have made for our freedom.  Or use the ordering form below.

Each gift includes a pair of dark walnut 11 x 14 frames with unit insignia, brief history during the conflict, Medal of Honor Winners, Commanders, and a map of the Tactical Area of Operations.



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Personalized Unit Histories

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Vietnam Sample

To order personalized unit histories use the order form or please e-mail us with the serviceman’s full name, rank, division or brigade level unit, years of service.  We will respond back to you with additional questions and a sample before beginning detailed work on the request.   Click here to E-mail:



US Army Vietnam Division
Rank and Name of Veteran
Month/Years in Vietnam (May, 1968 - May, 1969)
USMC Vietnam Unit
Rank and Name of Veteran
Month/Years in Vietnam (May, 1968 - May, 1969)
US Army Vietnam Other Units
Rank and Name of Veteran
Month/Years in Vietnam (May, 1968 - May 1969)

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Personalized Vietnam Unit History:


Vietnam Division/Brigade/Regiment: __________________________

Veterans Name: __________________________

Veterans Rank: __________________________

Subordinate Unit (i.e.  C Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines): __________________________

Years in Country: __________________________