5th Special Forces Group, Framed, Large

The item contains a Special Forces shoulder sleeve insignia encased in a beautiful walnut frame.  The background contains historic details of the  brigade's years in Vietnam:  Commanders, Maps of all Corps Tactical Zones and major locations of Special Forces Camps in Vietnam. The frame is 11" x 14" and can be hung on the wall or set on a desk.

Product Summary

· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame (11”x14”).

· Contains:

           Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

           Map of Vietnam with Major Special Forces            Locations

           Brigade Order of Battle

           Major Operations


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Special Forces  Patch and History, Framed, Large

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Order of Battle                                                         

Headquarters and HQ Company, 5th Special Forces Group          Nha Trang


       Signal Company, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces                 

        MACV Recondo School             


Company A, 5th Special Forces Group, C-3 Operations Detachment      Bien Hoa

A-301 Ho Ngoc Tao                        A-302 Bien Hoa            A-325B Nui Ba Den    A301 Tanh Linh

B-31 Phuoc Vinh                                 A-311 Dong Xoai         A-312 Cao Bien           B-32 Tay Ninh

A-322 Suoi Da                                    A-323 Trang Sup          B-33 Hon Quan            A331 Loc Ninh

A-332 Minh Thanh                           B-34 Song Be                A-325A Chon Thanh   A341 Bu Dop


Company B, 5th Special Forces Group, C-2 Operations Detachment      Pleiku

A-219 Pleiku                                      A-211 Dak Pek     A-212 Plei Mrong                A-213 Plei Djereng

A-214 Plateau Gi                               A-215 Duc Co      A-216 Plei Do Lim             A-217 Plei Me

A-322 Dak To                                      B-22   Quin Hon  A-112 Mai Linh                   A-221Kannack

A-224 Phu Tuc                                     A-222 Long Tre     A-213 Van Canh                  A-232 Bao Luc

B-23 Ban Me Thout                            A-234 An Lac        A-321 Bong Son                 A-223 Hoai An

A-122 Tuy Phuoc                                A123 Binh Khe       A-233 Buon Ea Yang


Company C, 5th Special Forces Group, C-1 Operations Detachment     Da Nang

A-101 Ho Ngoc Tao                         A-102 A Shau       A-103 Gia Vuc                    A104 Ha Thanh

A-105 Kham Duc                             A-106 Ba To           A-107 Tra Bong                  A-113 Da Nang


Company D 5th Special Forces Group, C-4 Operations Detachment      Can Tho

    A-411 Binh Hung                               A-412 Dan Chu             A-414 Muc Hoa           A-415 Tuyen Nhon

A-413 Binh Thanh                               B-42 Chau Duc               A-421 Ha Tien             A-422 Vinh Gai

A-423 Tinh Bien                                  A-424 An Phu                A-425 An Long            A-427 Tri Ton

A-428 Tan Chau                                A-416 Ap Bac                  B-41 Moc Hoa

A-426 Xom Duong Dong


Company E, 5th Special Forces Group, C-5 Operations Detachment      Nha Trang

B-50 Project Omega                         B-56 Project Sigma      B-57 Project Gamma     B-52 Project Delta

B-51 Dong Ba Thin Training Center                                       A-502 Nha Trang Security

B55 Mobile Strike Force Command                                        A-503 Nha Trang Mobile Strike

                                                       B-53 Special Missions Advisory Force