· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame (11” x 14”).

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Maps of III Corps

                 Division Commanders

                 Major Operations


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1st Infantry Division, Framed Large

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased and matted in a  beautiful dark walnut 11"x14" frame.   The background contains  historic details of the 1st Infantry’s years in Vietnam:  Map of III Corps  and Major Operations.

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1st Infantry Division Patch and History, Framed, Large

The ‘Big Red One’ arrived in Vietnam from Fort Riley, KS as the first elements of infantry in Vietnam.  Division Headquarters were established at Di An by January of 1966.  Division Artillery provided support from Phu Loi.  By November, along Highway 13 the division was involved in its first major operation at Bau Bang and later at Ap Nha Mat.  The division operated in the III Corps area of Vietnam.  Areas that became well know for the ferocity of the fighting and the indomitable spirit of the Big Red One included the Michelen Rubber Plantation, War Zone C, the Iron Triangle, and Thunder Road (Hwy 13).


In numerous division operations at Ap Tau, Minh Thanh Road, Loc Ninh, Ap Gu and others the division accounted for numerous casualties to both Viet Cong and NVA units.  The division efforts in response to the 1968 Tet attacks at the Tan Son Nhut Airbase insured the defeat of the Viet Cong in that assault and secured the airbase. 


In April of 1968 in operations Resolve to Win and Certain Victory, the division participated in multi-division operations across III Corps and in combined operations with ARVN forces to halt NVA infiltration around Saigon.  During these operations, around Loc Ninh, the Commanding General of the division Keith L. Ware was killed as a result of enemy action.


In 1969 the division participated in pacification operations in III Corps, combined operations with ARVN forces such as, joint Fire Support Bases and joint operation centers, and in development efforts along the road to Song Be to increase the self-sufficiency of ARVN forces of the 5th Division.  The division colors were returned to Fort Riley in April of 1970.  

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