MACV Patch and History in Vietnam

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia enclosed in a protective sleeve and a statistical card with the history of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, commanders, Map of Vietnam and major MACV Command bases, Major Campaigns,and Medal of Honor Winners. The card is 9"h by 12"w.

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· Enclosed in a protective sleeve.

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                 Map of Vietnam

                 MACV Commanders

                 Major Campaigns


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MACV, successor to MAAG, assumed operational control over all U.S. Military personnel in Vietnam as the number of advisors and the need to coordinate U.S. military presence in country increased.  Its mission was to counter the threat posed by increasing numbers of  insurgents in the country supported by the North Vietnamese.   Throughout its tenure it coordinated the efforts of the U.S. Army, Vietnam, III Marine Amphibious Force, 7th Air Force, Naval Forces Vietnam, and 5th Special Forces.  Through the Defense Campaign of 1965 U.S. forces consolidated their position and organized support and logistical facilities for the increasing American presence.  Coastal infiltration routes were patrolled by Naval Forces, Vietnam.  Civil Irregular Defense Groups, intended to protect the people and infrastructure of Vietnam, were supported by 5th Special Forces advisors throughout the country.

Vietnam was divided into numerically designated Combat Tactical Zones (CTZ).

· I Corps was the responsibility of the III MAF;

· II Corps, including the central Highlands was the responsibility of I Field Force Vietnam;

· III Corps, the area around Saigon was the responsibility of II Field Force Vietnam.

· IV Corps remained the purview of the South Vietnamese Army and later 9th Infantry Division Brigades organized as Mobile Riverine Patrols. 

With the Tet Offensive in Jan 1968, over 80,000 NVA and Viet Cong attempted a major assault throughout the country and were devastated by forces under MACV.  Subsequent pacification efforts were successful in restoring control of much of S. Vietnam to government control.  VC and NVA forces could not sustain a major operation until 1972 after American withdrawal of combat divisions.

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Military Assistance Command Patch and History in Vietnam

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