4th Infantry Division Patch and History

The item contains a shoulder Sleeve Insignia enclosed in a protective sleeve and a statistical card with the history of the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam, commanders, Map of II Corps and and major installations of the 4th Infantry Division, Major Operations,and Medal of Honor Winners. The card is 9"h by 12"w. Enclosed in a protective cover.

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The three brigades of the 4th Infantry Division entered Vietnam in the fall of 1966.  Division HQ was established at Camp Enari near Dragon Mountain, Pleiku Province in the Central Highlands.  II Corps, the area of operations of the Ivy Division was sparsely populated, and the major task of the division was to stop the infiltration of North Vietnamese Army Regulars into Vietnam from Cambodia. 

The area in which they operated, the mountainous and triple canopied border areas of the western Kontum and Pleiku Provinces, was some of the most difficult fighting terrain U.S Forces experienced in Vietnam.  There they fought regularly against the 1st and 10th NVA Divisions, repeatedly inflicting significant casualties, capturing supplies, and forcing them to retreat to the shelter of the Cambodian Border and the Ho Chi Minh trail. 

Around the Dak To Special Forces camp in 1967 the Division fought one of the largest battles of the war.  12,000 NVA, attempting to overrun the camp at Dak To, were stopped by members of the 8th and 12th Infantry Regiments with the dead among the NVA exceeding 2000 as a result of their actions

After the Tet Offensive, in 1969, NVA attempts to capture the Special Forces Camp at Ben Het, like at Dak To, were blunted, this time by division tanks from the 69th Armor.  In 1970 the Division was in Cambodia to route the NVA from their sanctuaries

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4th Infantry Division Patch and History in Vietnam

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· Enclosed in a protective sleeve.

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Map of  II Corps

                 Division Commanders

                 Major Operations


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