3rd Marine Division Patch and History

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia enclosed in a protective sleeve and a statistical card with the story of the 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam. Includes Medal of Honor Winners; Major Combat Operations, A Map of I Corps; Supporting Units and the Order of Battle. The card is 9"h by 12"w and of recent manufacture. Enclosed in a protective cover.

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Prior to 1965 Marine Corps personnel served in Southeast Asia as advisors, communications support and provided airlift operations in support of our Vietnamese allies.  On 6 May 1965, the 3d Marine Expeditionary Force assumed command of Marine Forces in I Corps and re-designated the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF).  Elements of the 3rd Marine Division served in Vietnam from that date until 1969.  In June of 1965, in operations around Da Nang, elements of the 3rd MarDiv engaged in their first significant ground combat.  Early in the war division squads served as support for Vietnamese militia units in the Combined Action Programs protecting villages from Viet Cong depredations in I Corps. 

The first major regimental size operation for Marines was Operation Starlite, south of Chu Lai.  By October of 1966 the 3rd Mar Div had responsibility for Quang Tri and Thua Thien provinces.  Marine operations were the major factor in denying North Vietnamese regulars a stable base of operations along the border with Laos.  The Force Logistics Command with the 3rd Service Battalion, 3rd Motor Transport and 3rd Force Service Regiment provided combat support.

3rd Marine Division units operating out of bases at Camp Carroll, the Rockpile, Vandegrift Combat Base and in operations around Dong Ha, Cam Lo, Con Thien, and Da Nang substantially secured I Corps during their time in Vietnam.     From 14 July, with departure of the 1st Battalion/9th Marines and through 1 November, 1969 the 3rd Marine Division was redeployed from Vietnam to Okinawa.

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3rd Marine Division Patch and History

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· Enclosed in a protective sleeve.

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Map of  I Corps

                 Division Commanders

                 Major Operations


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