· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame (11” x 14”).

· Contains:

           Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

           Maps of I Corps

           Order of Battle

           Major Operations


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26th Marine Regiment, Framed Large

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased and matted in a  beautiful dark walnut 11"x14" frame.   The background contains  historic details of the 26th Marines years in Vietnam:  Maps of I Corps, including Khe Sanh, and  Major Operations.

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26th Marine Regiment Patch and History, Framed

The 26th Marine Regiment was reactivated in March of 1966 as part of an initial attempt to reconstitute the 5th marine Division which had been inactivated in 1946 after World War II.  The division had served heroically, most notably at Iwo Jima.

Regimental Headquarters arrived in April of 67 but by then members of the regiment had seen action in numerous operations including Prairie I and II, Deckhouse II and IV, and Stone.


The Regiment assumed control of Khe Sanh in May of 1967 and conducted operations along the border with Laos to prevent continued incursions into South Vietnam.

The Regiment made a memorable stand against overwhelming division strength North Vietnamese Regulars who were, many believed, attempting to recreate their earlier defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954


From January 21st, 1968 until early April the base held out against what has been estimated at two divisions, the  NVA 325th and 304th Divisions.


With strong defenses, aggressive patrolling, and after massive B-52 raids along NVA positions and suffering numerous casualties the siege was lifted.


For 77 days the officers and men of the 26th Marines held out against innumerable odds and inflicted massive casualties on the enemy.  Myopic reporting of the Seige of Khe Sanh never told the true story of this heroic defense in denying the enemy the political victory they sought.

The Regiment served honorably in operations such as Allenbrook, Meade River, and others.


The 26th Marines were redeployed from Vietnam in January of 1970.

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