20th Engineer Brigade, Framed, Large

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The item contains a 20th Engineer Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia encased in a beautiful walnut frame.  The background contains historic details of the  division's years in Vietnam:  Commanders, Maps of III & IV Corps. The frame is 11" x 14".  The item his matted.

· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame (11x14).

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Map of III & IV Corps

                 Brigade Order of Battle



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The brigade entered Vietnam in August of 1967 with responsibility for all Army Engineering operations in Vietnam in III and IV Corps Tactical Zones.  The Brigade was located at Bien Hoa.


The Brigade provided construction and combat engineer support throughout its time in-country by building roads and clearing ambush zones around major highways with Rome Plows, clearing minefields and tunnels, and constructing and safe-guarding bridges.  Exemplary of their support was that provided by the 20th Engineer Brigade’s 79th Engineer Group to the invasion of Cambodia in 1970 to deprive the enemy sanctuaries in Cambodia.


During operations into Cambodia Combat and Construction Units of the 79th Engineer Group Engineer resources provided for clearing and development of routes of advance and forward tactical airfields.  They developed forward operating and logistical bases at airfields and maintained logistical support routes. The Engineers broke open access to enemy staging and logistical areas that had been developed and concealed in years of fighting and development.  The Engineers demonstrated their tactical effectiveness in these clearing operations.


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20th Engineer Brigade Patch and History,

Framed, Large

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The effectiveness was attested to in Major General Robert R. Ploger’s Vietnam Studies, U.S. Army Engineers, 1965-1970, when he stated:

Accomplishments under tactical pressure were impressive. Engineer support elements built fifty-six kilometers of new road, plus twenty-three separate fixed bridges. In addition, twenty fire support bases were constructed for infantry, armor, and artillery units.

He also attested to their sacrifice:

Seven 20th Brigade engineers were killed and 132 wounded in this campaign.

Throughout its time in-country the Brigade built major communication/supply routes throughout Vietnam as part of the Lines of Communication Program in order to support the development of South Vietnam.  Its advisors supported ARVN units with engineering planning and direction, and logistics advice as the government of South Vietnam tried to improve the political and economic lives of its people.