18th Engineer Brigade, Framed

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased in a beautiful walnut frame.  The frame can be hung on the wall or set on a desk.  The background contains historic details of the  division's years in Vietnam:  Commanders, Maps of I & II Corps. The frame is 8" x 10".

Product Summary

· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame.

· Velvet backed

· Hang on the Wall or Stand on the Desk

· Contains:

             Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

             Map of I & II Corps

             Brigade Commanders

Major Operations


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The brigade entered Vietnam in September of 1965 with responsibility for all Army Engineering operations in Vietnam until the establishment of the U.S. Army Engineer Command, Vietnam in late 1966.  It had been preceded by the 35th Engineer Group which built Cam Ranh Bay on a peninsula of sand and in a hostile environment.  The Brigade assumed responsibility for I Corps and II Corps in the northern part of South Vietnam. 

Its initial activities centered around rapid development of the port facilities, ammunition dumps, base camps and airfields necessary to support the build-up of U.S. combat forces rapidly deploying to Vietnam.  During its initial construction phases it also provided support for combat search and destroy missions and defensive operations with the 101st Infantry Division near Ninh Hoa and the 4th Infantry Division at Pleiku.  


The Brigade provided construction and combat engineer support throughout its time in-country by building roads and clearing ambush zones around major highways with Rome Plows, clearing minefields and tunnels, and constructing and safe-guarding bridges.  With the increase application of airmobile operations, the Brigade cleared landing zones and operations to deny sanctuary to NVA and Viet Cong forces.  The combat role of engineers in Vietnam can best be described by May-July 1969 siege of Dak To where engineers of the 299th Engineer Battalion along with the 42nd ARVN Regiment, B Battery 1/97th and a small Air Force Detachment withstood the assault of 5000 NVA.  The defenders held their position during this siege while continuing road and clearing operations and providing support for the Ben Het Special Forces Camp.


Throughout its time in-country the Brigade built major communication/supply routes throughout Vietnam as part of the Lines of Communication Program in order to support the development of South Vietnam.  Its advisors supported ARVN units with engineering planning and direction, and logistics advice as the government of South Vietnam tried to improve the political and economic lives of its people.


   Order of Battle/Division Base Camp


        8th Engineer Brigade Hq.        Tan Son Nhut, Dong Ba Thin


             35th Engineer Group              Phan Rang, Cam Ranh Bay, Qui Nhon


         45th Engineer Group              Dong Ba Thin, Qui Nhon, Phu Bai


         937 Engineer Group               Qui Nhon, Pleiku, Phu Tai                        


Combat Engineer Battalions at various times served under the 18th Engineer Brigade under the 35th, 45th, or 937 Engineer Groups.


14th Engineer Bn.                  Dong Ba Thin, Cam Ranh Bay,

                                            Thon Me Thuy, Quang Tri, Gai Le, Da Nang       


19th Engineer Bn.                  Qui Nhon, Bong Son,

                                            Mo Duc, Bao Loc,

                                            Ban Me Thuot      

20th Engineer Bn.                  Ninh Hoa, Ban Me Thuot, Pleiku


27th Engineer Bn.                  Gia Le, Camp Eagle

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18th Engineer Brigade Patch and History, Framed

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