· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame.

· Velvet backed

· Hang on the Wall or Stand on the Desk

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Maps of II Corps and III Corps

                 Division Commanders

                 Major Operations


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173rd Airborne Brigade, Framed

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased in a  beautiful dark walnut 8"x10" frame.  The frame can be hung on the wall or set on a desk.  The background contains  historic details of the 173rd Airborne Division's years in Vietnam:  Maps of II Corps and III Corps, and Major Operations.

Product Summary

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The 173rd Airborne Brigade owns a number of firsts in the Vietnam conflict: first Army Unit in Vietnam, first in War Zone D, first to introduce long range patrols, first joint U.S.-ARVN operation in June of 1965, and the first and only jump in Vietnam as part of Junction City.  Operating primarily out of II Corps and III Corps, the Sky Soldiers first arrived in May of 1965.  The 1st Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment was attached to the brigade.  Later they would be joined by the 161st Field Battery of the Royal New Zealand Army.  Company N, 75th Infantry Ranger’s were also attached to the 173rd.

From 27 June through 9 July, 1965 the 173d Airborne Brigade was on the move into War Zone D to disrupt Viet Cong operations.  In these efforts they destroyed base camps, disrupted logistics, and accounted for over 500 enemy casualties.  By August of that year the brigade was airlifted to II Corps near Pleiku to disrupt build-ups of NVA/VC, pressuring the Duc Co Civilian Irregular Defense Group Camp.  The brigade successfully conducted the search and destroy operations at the Thanh Binh Pass.

In November during Operation Hump the brigade fought a regimental size unit for Hill 65.

 West of Saigon near the Ho Bo Woods the 173rd uncovered a massive tunnel complex during Operation Crimp.  The operation again served to disrupt VC operations, but the efforts to destroy the 40 mile long complex of safe haven for the Viet Cong would be delayed until massive B-52 bombing penetrated and destroyed them.  Throughout III Corps in the Iron Triangle, War Zone C and D, Mau Tao Secret Zone and on the Plain of Reeds the Sky Soldiers met and defeated the enemy, disrupted their planned operations, savaged their base camps, and provided security along the major routes of III Corps.
After May of 1967 the Brigade was operating in II Corps.  The Battle of the Slopes, An Khe, Crescent Valley, Hill 875 and the Battle of Dak To, and Bong Son were added to the annals of the Sky Soldiers.  The 173rd Brigade redeployed to Fort Campbell by August of 1971. 

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173rd Airborne Brigade Patch and History, Framed

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