· Beautiful Dark Walnut Frame (11” x 14”).

· Contains:

                 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

                 Map of III Corps

                 Division Commanders

                 Major Operations


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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Framed Large

The item contains a shoulder sleeve insignia encased and matted in a  beautiful dark walnut 11"x14" frame.   The background contains  historic details of the 11th ACR’s:  Map of III Corps, and Major Operations.

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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

Patch and History, Framed

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment arrived in Vietnam in September 1966.  It saw service in II Corps, providing rapid mechanized support to the divisions in the Corps Tactical Zone.


The Blackhorse Regiment utilized M48 Tanks, self-propelled howitzers and M113 Personnel Carriers to provide the mobile reach needed in War Zone C of the III CTZ.  During the failed Tet Offensive the Blackhorse provided support in the Long Binh/Bien Hoa area and providing relief support for the II Field Force and III Corps headquarters.


The regiment clear route 13 through the III Corps and participated in the Cambodian invasion, operationally under the 1st Cavalry Division.  In this operation they severely disrupted the logistical and command base camps to allow for the transition of major combat responsibilities to ARVN forces.


Alternately, the squadrons of the regiment were frequently attached to divisions in the III CTZ.


The Blackhorse Regiment redeployed from Vietnam in March of 1971 and deployed to Europe for defense of the Fulda Gap.

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